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All main product groups such as parquet, premium finishing and textiles available as clearly classified samples – materials and surfaces for a complete sample collection of your project

mirrors & glass for optical design

Glass, mirrors, artistic glazing, colored glass, glass brick, glass mosaic, metallized glass, glass darkening, glass with textile inlays, glass with metal inlays, antique mirrors, antique glass, crown glass, crown glass panes and much more

Stone and concrete surfaces for floors, walls & ceilings

Basalt, gneiss, granite, semi-precious stone, limestone, artificial stone, marble, travertine, onyx, quartz, sandstone, slate, stone facing, exposed concrete, in-situ concrete, molded concrete, colored concrete, cosmetic concrete finishing, concrete glaze, concrete optics, concrete filling, concrete design

Metals & other surfaces for various areas of application

Real metal, gold, copper, brass, bronze, white gold, platinum, tin, zinc, iron, aluminum, rust, gold leaf, silver leaf, liquid met, liquid metal, metal curtains, metal sheets, raw iron, fitting surfaces, light switch surfaces and much more